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Some people say that mind over body is a real thing.

I’m not so sure, I have never experienced it that way. Not food related anyway.

But nowadays I try to design a better life for myself and my family. And I try to do it in a way that’s not just goal-oriented, but takes design of lifestyle and daily choices into account. It’s not a new approach I know. But the goal of this blog is not to share new approaches but to kickstart my day in a creative way.

And this is on my mind a lot. Especially lately. In an age where a lot of people are overweight and where public opinion bashes those people for having ‘no character’ & ‘no stamina’ I think it’s time to look into why people become overweight in the first place. Because lot’s of them have careers and are successful in their fields. Can you really achieve these successes when you have no stamina, self-control or character? I’m sure that’s not the reason.

In my life my mind chooses the wrong foods for the right reasons.

In our culture we no longer eat because we are hungry and need food.

We eat socially & emotionally. Positive and negative emotions and social situations make us eat and share food.

No-one at a party is really hungry. But still we eat and drink all night.
When you’re feeling negative emotions (exhaustion, sadness or when you’re feeling alone) your brain wants to cheer you up and (depending on your taste) presents you with food options like chips & chocolate.

They’re even called ‘comfort food’.

So no wonder my mind makes these choices.

It wants to make me happy and does so in a very short-term way. It’s the only way it knows how.

The problem is that afterwards I’m not so happy anymore. With myself, the way the world sees me and how I see myself (no stamina etc.)

But the reasons were good right? I want happiness & energy.

So I try to design my lifestyle to adjust my short-term solutions to these wishes.

There are more short-term ways to achieve happiness and energy. Ways that correspond with my long-term goals. To be more healthy and set a good example for my kids.

Because when even an hamburger-menu-icon makes you hungry, you have to start rethinking your options right?