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Sometimes you’re just tired.

Inspiration is hard to find and even writing a starting piece for your new blog seems like a bad idea. No amount of coffee can fix this and I don’t do drugs.

Just another obligation. How’s this supposed to help me get my day started creatively. This is how I feel just now.

I don’t know, I still have to find out if this works for me.

Today is one of these days.

A lot of client work on my plate, some quotes I need to finish and ship out today and a conference call with someone I don’t know.

I’m tired because I stayed up too late last night. Working. On this very website.

Which brings me to the following question: Does it really work to stay up late and finish stuff? Or is it better to leave it till morning? I really don’t know.

If I left it last night I would not have been able to sleep anyway. Not with so much unfinished business.

But today I feel like this whole day has gone to waste.

Was it worth it?

I let you decide. My non-existent reader.

Thanks and have a great one today.