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Digital was not my first love.

I even hated computers and everything they stood for for quite a while.

I was one of the last people to get a mobile phone and I still don’t have the latest of the latest.

Computers to me were something I didn’t understand, I seemed like a waste of time to me.

For a long time I thought it was because I was a girl, so computers & tech are just not for me. That was kind of what everyone thought in the 90’s. Computergames and computer science was meant for boys. So noone asked difficult questions about why I didn’t like it, including myself. Although I did have a lot of the traits a computer programmer has. Good at math AND languages and very creative.

But I happily grew up without computers, I loved to draw and mastering a pencil and a piece of paper was all I wanted for a long time.

Computers and designing stuff on a computer were for those who were not able to draw their ideas.

Or so I thought back then.

But now, I just think I was different, expected more, didn’t get the difficult formatting and complexity of the programs available to me. Why bother creating something on a computer when you can draw it better right?

However, buying my first macintosh was a big thing for me. And I finally had a computer that understood me. I used it for music at first, but quickly started my search towards digital drawing techniques.

Nowadays I create almost all my illustrations on my iPad and refine them in illustrator. Like the illustration shown above. I love it, its fast, I can easily copy files, explore different colors and correct mistakes.

Logodesigns, illustrations, bookdesigns, graphic and cd-cover designs. Everything I do starts at a computer nowadays.

But I still know why and how I started out. Just mastering my pencil and a piece of paper.

* The illustration above is a cutout of one of my original illustrations for a children’s book in progress called precise princess. Copyright by me! So don’t steal my shit!