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But sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

Like today.

Next week both our kids have a weeks vacation from both their schools so we decided to take the week off too.

But of course my clients work and my ongoing projects are not finished.

How do I make sure I get a real week off without disappointing my clients and without having to do damage control after my vacation?

One key ingredient is communication.

I finished all the work packages (I’ll explain this later someday maybe..) I really had to finish and communicated to all my clients about the work I could not finish this week. I called and/or e-mailed them where I also explained I would pick-up my work after my vacation.

All of them were happy.

All of them wished me a happy vacation.

All of them know where they stand.

So don’t be afraid to communicate your want’s and needs to your clients. There is no shame in having a week off to spend with your family, or to go on a trip, or to do whatever it is you need to do to keep that battery charged.